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Gonadotropin – a hormone for effective PCT

Gonadotropin is used for women for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes for infertility, and hCGT is also needed to stimulate ovulation. For men, chorionic gonadotropin is useful because it normalises spermatogenesis.

Choriogonin (hCG) is a human glycoprotein hormone (biogonadyl) and is synthesised by the placenta during pregnancy. The excretion of hCG in the urine is unchanged. To obtain the medicine, the hormone is extracted from the urine and purified.

The synthesis of the hormone takes place 7 days after fertilization. A sufficient concentration of chorionadotropin indicates that pregnancy is going well.

In 1930, it was discovered that an extract of serum in mares expecting to breed had gonadotropic activity. In 1937, scientists tried to treat female sexual dysfunctions, but it took them a few years to obtain a cure. Today, hormone-based products are widely used in many fields: for instance, gonadotropin is used in bodybuilding.

Properties of gonadotropin

As already mentioned, gonadotropin is synthesized in the female body. However, it is also very beneficial for men. The fact is that it is identical to luteinizing hormone, which is produced in the pituitary gland. Thus, it also promotes additional testosterone synthesis. In addition, you can buy gonadotropin for the following properties:

  • stimulates the development of the genitals;
  • makes secondary sexual characteristics more pronounced;
  • activates the synthesis of progesterone in the female body, promotes the onset of ovulation;
  • has the same spectrum of actions as testosterone;
  • improves sperm quality;
  • prevents testicular atrophy.

Due to these effects, the hormone is most actively used during the course. Some athletes use it on cycles to build mass. However, the result from it will be much worse than from anabolic steroids, and the harm will be greater. During the drying period, it is also used to maintain the gained weight.

Gonadotropin intake regimen

Since many AAS affect the HH axis, it is not uncommon for the functionality of the testicles to be impaired. In order to avoid this, synthetic hormones are introduced into the body to normalize testosterone levels. For this, gonadotropin is excellent.

It is recommended to start taking it during the course in small doses. This will allow you to avoid many side effects and achieve maximum results from taking AAS. It makes sense to use gonadotropin if the cycle lasts more than 6 weeks and consists of several drugs.

It is administered intramuscularly and is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Despite the fact that its half-life is only a few hours, its effect can last up to 6 days. Usually, it is administered in the last 3-5 weeks of the course, 2 injections per week. In this case, injections of 250-500 IU are sufficient. In view of this, the price of gonadotropin is fully justified.

In cycles designed for several months, it makes sense to take a break for 7-14 days every 3-5 weeks. This will avoid desensitization of the testicles.

Side Effects of Chorionic Gonadotropin

In general, with regard to the negative effects – they are similar to taking testosterone. Also, if used incorrectly, there may be such manifestations:

  • manifestation of gynecomastia;
  • dysfunction of the HH axis;
  • acne;
  • baldness;
  • possible masculinization in women;
  • impairment of the synthesis of gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

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