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Endurance Peptides

Since the beginning of the use of peptides by athletes, all new types of them have appeared that satisfy one or another purpose. Peptide preparations are great for gaining muscle mass and burning fat. Because of them, the demand for various sports nutrition products has even decreased. After all, despite the crisis and the rise in prices, the cost of peptides remained practically at the same level, and sports nutrition – flew up at times. The price for a full course of peptides has become even lower than for a can of protein, which prompted regular consumers to make a choice in favor of peptide bioregulators.

Effects of peptide use

Let’s take a look at the main effects of peptide use that may be useful specifically in strength sports, and bodybuilding in particular:

  • Increased testosterone production;
  • Increased strength performance;
  • Anabolic effect as well as a positive effect on bone connective tissue;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect. This positive effect will improve recovery after workouts. It also relieves pain and allows easier recovery from injuries (e.g. lacerations);

Peptides provide oxygenation to muscles (increase the amount of oxygen in muscle tissues). They are also often used to increase endurance, for example in sports such as swimming or cycling.

Discovery of peptides for endurance

Tests of peptides began long ago. Back in the 70s of the last century, the young scientist V. Khavinson began to study this group of substances. It is important to know that peptides are present in absolutely all cells of a living being. They perform regulatory and repair functions. For the sake of science, dozens of young animals suffered – 3-12 month old calves and piglets that passed a special selection. After all, it was from their body that the first peptides were produced. Since the peptide bioregulators of animals and humans are completely identical.

Experiments have shown that animal peptides in the human body are not only not rejected by the immune system, but also act like relatives. At the same time, many disorders of the body were stabilized when the subject took peptides. Thus, when the reserve was replenished, protein synthesis was normalized, the production of healthy cells began, as a result, first the tissue was restored, and then the entire human organ.

Experiments have proven the effectiveness of peptides not only in restoring the work of specific organs, but also in increasing life expectancy in general. So the control group of rats, taking peptides, lived on average 35-40% longer than animals without peptides !!!

Later, a similar experiment was carried out on humans, it lasted for many years. And showed a decrease in mortality in the control group by almost 3 times.

How is the effect of increasing endurance achieved?

For many, the question arises, how can peptides help improve an athlete’s endurance? Very simple! In order to achieve the effect, it is necessary to maximize the body’s systems, on which endurance directly or indirectly depends, and to increase their reserve capabilities. Let’s start with a small example. A car with deflated wheels and clogged filters will drive much worse than a car after maintenance. It’s about the same here. So which systems do you need to pay close attention to?

Muscle mass

Indeed, muscles are the backbone. That which sets our body in motion and on the composition of which endurance depends. If you dive deeper, it becomes clear that there are red and white fibers. Some are responsible for explosive strength, others for endurance. Therefore, in order to develop endurance, it is necessary to train red muscle fibers.

The use of peptides can significantly aid an athlete’s progress. Muscle Peptide or Gotratix helps to strengthen muscles and avoid injury, increases the reserve capacity of muscle tissue and reduces fatigue during increased stress. The use of this peptide bioregulator will not only have a positive effect on the recovery rate, but also on the athlete’s endurance!

Heart and blood vessels

Super developed muscles alone are not enough to be truly enduring. Indeed, for their work, oxygen is needed, which is supplied through blood vessels. And who pumps blood all over the body? Of course the heart! Imagine what will happen to the mega hardy muscles if they don’t get “fuel” for their work. The oxidation process will happen very quickly and the body will get tired in a matter of minutes. A striking example of this is the famous fighter Conor McGregor. Ever wonder why an athlete with such developed muscles has obvious problems with endurance? Why do anti-fans call it “chicken heart”? The conclusion suggests itself!

The peptides Chelohart and Vesugen will help to improve endurance at the expense of the heart and blood vessels. Or a complex that combines peptides of both heart and blood vessels at once – Revilab ML 04. Peptide bioregulators strengthen the heart muscles, improve blood circulation, cleanse and strengthen the blood vessels. This allows the muscles to work more efficiently.

Thanks to these effects, the heart and blood vessels after the course are like a car engine after maintenance. Blood begins to bubble through the veins, delivering more and more fuel to the muscles. Preventing them from oxidizing and clogging.

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