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Trenbolone (Parabolan) – use in bodybuilding

Trenbolone is a synthetically derived steroid with strong androgenic and anabolic activity. In fact, it is an oily ester of one of the most powerful AAS used in bodybuilding. The French pharmaceutical company Negma first released this medication under the brand name Parabolan in 1967. Today it is not so easy to buy trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, because it is sold only in specialized stores.

Trenbolone properties

It was originally used in traditional medicine. It was used to treat patients with osteoporosis and dystrophy. In bodybuilding, it is used for various purposes, depending on the regimen.

Most often, ether intake is aimed at gaining muscle mass. In this respect, the drug is much more effective than testosterone, because its anabolic activity is twice the male hormone.

As a result of taking the drug, protein synthesis is activated, and nitrogen accumulation also occurs. Protein compounds, as you know, serve as a building material for muscles, and nitrogen retains the accumulated mass after the end of the course without a rollback.

The rapid increase in mass is also facilitated by the activation of the secretion of insulin-like growth factor. The steroid is also highly regarded by bodybuilders for its ability to inhibit the synthesis of cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue and contributes to the formation of body fat. In addition, trenbolone is not aromatized. Considering all these factors, the price of trenbolone does not seem that high.

Rules for taking trenbolone

We immediately warn you that taking the drug for sports purposes is contraindicated in women due to the high androgenic activity, which can lead to the development of secondary sexual characteristics.

Trenbolone is used alone or in combination with other steroids. The solo course can last from 6 to 8 weeks. It is aimed solely at gaining mass. Take the medication once a week with a dosage of 150-300 mg. In such quantities, it will allow you to achieve maximum effect with the least risk to the health of the athlete.

For drying, anabolic is combined with stanozolol, for enhanced muscle building – with testosterone or oxymetholone. To achieve high quality lean muscle gains, trenbolone can be combined with nandrolone or boldenone. Thus, the effect of trenbolone directly depends on the regimen of its administration.

Effects on the body of trenbolone

First, let’s list the effects that bodybuilders value:

  • building high-quality muscle mass – on a solo course, the increase is up to 10 kg, on a combined one – almost twice as much;
  • relief and hardness of muscles – achieved through nitrogen retention and removal of excess fluid;
  • gain in strength and endurance – the main androgenic effect;
  • accelerated recovery – by increasing the concentration of red blood cells in the blood that carry oxygen;
  • burning of fatty deposits – this is influenced by the activation of insulin-like growth factor;
  • increased libido – decreases after the course.

When taken correctly, side effects do not appear, but in case of an overdose, pressure surges, sleep disturbances, digestive problems, acne can be observed. Post-cycle therapy is a must.

You can buy trenbolone in our online store. There are also other AAS, hormones, aromatase inhibitors, drugs for PCT and drying. If you have any questions about taking medications, our consultants are always ready to help you.

Side effects

Yes, it certainly has a positive effect on strength gains. The same applies to muscle mass. However, the injections can cause quite pronounced adverse reactions. Because of this, many bodybuilders simply have to give up this powerful steroid. Not all of them feel uncomfortable with it.

  • Sleep is disturbed.
  • Blood pressure rises.
  • Irritability, aggression.
  • Acne breaks out.
  • Hair loss occurs.
  • Skin becomes greasier.
  • If the course exceeds six weeks, testicular atrophy is quite possible.

To reduce the risk of side effects, take Clomid. Use testosterone boosters after short cycles. This could be Tribulus or Ecdisterone, for example.

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