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Oxandrolone for Strength and Endurance

The anabolic drug oxandrolone entered the international market back in the sixties. The American company Searle’s goal was to create an extremely mild anabolic steroid that could be taken even by teenagers without any health risks.

What is Oxandrolone?

Oxandrolone is a steroid preparation containing components of anabolic and androgenic action. Therefore, the effect of using this steroid does not imply an increase in mass. Here, first of all, there is an increase in strength indicators, and for beginners, the desired muscle growth. It is worth emphasizing that oxandrolone, in comparison with long-acting testosterones, has not gained such global popularity among athletes. In heavy sports, priority is given to classic steroids, which cause massive effects on the body. Most often it is used at the stage of preparation for a competition.

The effects Oxandrolone has on the human body

The following effects occur during a course of the drug:

  • Muscle firmness and body relief are improved – this is one of the main effects of this drug;
  • Reduction of fatty deposits;
  • Growth hormone production will be increased.

When it comes to the use of Oxandrolone, it is of little use to novice athletes. It is easy to explain because the drug has an effect only on a body which has good muscle mass and minimum fatty deposits. This makes it possible to give relief to the musculature. The level of subcutaneous fat is reduced.

The positive properties of the drug

Oxandrolone is non-aromatized and may help increase muscle stiffness and quality. Another advantage of oxandrolone is that it stimulates the synthesis of creatinine phosphate like no other steroid and thus gives a good increase in endurance.

With oxandrolone, you can maintain your endurance level qualitatively, which is very important for maintaining already developed muscle mass. Some bodybuilders combine this effect of Oxandrolone with other steroids.

Due to its low orogenicity, oxandrolone is also an extremely popular steroid among women. Doses of 10-25 mg per day for 4-8 weeks are well tolerated and only in exceptional cases cause symptoms of virilization. Novice athletes usually use oxandrolone in their workouts, the expected effect is not too great, but for a start this is what you need. More advanced athletes choose esters of testosterone, decancanol, or enanthate to replace it. These drugs offer the best cost-benefit ratio, are suitable for long-term use, and are less liver-damaging.

The positive side of oxandrolone is that it has a minimal effect on testosterone synthesis in the body at moderate doses of 10-30 mg per day. Only at higher doses does the inhibition of hormone production noticeably slow down.

Side effects

With regard to side effects, in the case of the use of oxandrolone, there is some negative effect on the liver. Oxandrolone can also interfere with your gastrointestinal tract. By the way, the problem with the gastrointestinal tract is easily solved by taking the drug with meals. As for the effect on the liver, here it is minimal, provided that the drug is administered at 20 mg. per day. American steroid manufacturers claim to take 20 mg for several months. oxandrolone daily does not adversely affect liver function. Possible changes in the liver are small, and they normalize within 2-4 weeks after the end of the course.

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