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Nandrolon – what is it?

Nandrolone  is inferior in popularity to Deca. However, this statement is true only in relation to amateur bodybuilding. Professional bodybuilders use this steroid quite often. This fact is primarily associated with the high performance of Nandrolon, which you can buy in the Gofarma store. Among other things, this drug has a high level of safety. That is why we recommend that beginner athletes order Nandrolon for their first acquaintance with Nandrolone. If the body does not accept this drug, then the course can be assured as soon as possible. The most popular preparation of this active ingredient is deca durabolin

Effects of Nandrolon

The main substance of the steroid – Nandrolone – has a short half-life. Because of this, the differences between Nandrolon and Decanoate are quite significant. First of all, you should understand that allows you to gain exceptionally high-quality mass, and will also help you quickly get rid of excess fat. Although the anabolic was created to solve medical problems. Currently, it is actively used only in sports.

Let’s highlight the main positive effects of this AAS

  • Power parameters increase significantly.
  • On the course, only a lot of high quality is recruited.
  • The condition of the elements of the articular-ligamentous apparatus improves due to the acceleration of the processes of synthesis of synovial fluid.
  • It has strong fat burning properties.
  • The efficiency of protective mechanisms increases.
  • It is a powerful anti-catabolic agent.

Equally important for amateur bodybuilders is the high level of safety of Nandrolon. It is no secret that on the Deka course, some athletes face such a negative effect as “Deka-dik”. However, Nandrolone has a short half-life and is unable to show all of its negative properties. That is why the risks of developing side effects on the Nandrolone course are significantly lower in comparison with Decanoat.

Application and dosage of Nandrolon

Anabolic should be put every second or third day. In this case, a single dose is 100-200 mg. The duration of the course is most often limited to 1.5-2 months. After canceling the steroid, be sure to perform PCT. Note that during this period you have to choose between Clomiphene Citrate and Toremifene. After the courses of Trenbolones and Nandrolones, Tamoxifen should not be used.

You can use Nandrolon with any AAS except trens. Most often, athletes prefer to combine Nandrolone with short Testosterones, Turinabol, Primobolan, Winstrol and Masteron. With these bundles, you will be able to conduct an excellent drying course. In addition, several kilos of high quality mass will be collected.

Side effects

Most, if not all, side effects occur because of improper use of anabolic: high dosages, too long use (more than 18-20 weeks), use of deca without control and correction of tests, other individual characteristics.

Why is it commonly believed that deca leads often to the appearance of gynecomastia? The reason is that nandrolone converts to dihydronandrolone (this is an androgen that is much weaker than dihydrotestosterone), and it is dihydronandrolone that binds to receptors, creating greater competition with DGT. For this reason, even with low estradiol and prolactin values, gynaecomastia can occur. In reality, we rarely get this picture, rather it is due to competent administration of the course.

Although deca is minimally susceptible to aromatization, testosterone increases this risk (acting as a synergist) via the aromatase enzyme. In fact, athletes are more likely to report the occurrence of oedema on the deca + testosterone combination. This is solved by using aromatase inhibitors and prolactin inhibitors.