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Boldenone in the top of the best steroids

Boldenone is an anabolic steroid that was originally developed for use in the veterinary industry. But recently, it has gained widespread popularity among weightlifters and bodybuilders. As for its composition, this drug is very similar to testosterone. The main difference is that this anabolic steroid has a slightly different effect on the body. It is worth noting the fact that boldenone has a positive effect on metabolic processes. When taken, protein synthesis is significantly accelerated, which in turn stimulates the growth of muscle mass. All this prompts athletes to buy boldenone.

Another name for this drug is Equipoise. Boldenone is one of the strongest and most powerful anabolics used in sports. In fact, it is an improved modification of the main male hormone, testosterone. The substance that would eventually become so popular among bodybuilders was first identified 70 years ago.

Initially, the substance, with the main chemical component boldenone undesylenate, was expected to be used in the treatment of domestic animals. But after a while, athletes noticed that this component had a very positive effect on the human body, in particular on metabolism and blood cells.

The effect of the drug Boldenone (Equipoise)

  • With a relatively slow speed of action, boldenone allows you to build muscle mass with a 100% guarantee;
  • The effect of boldenone increases appetite, which is important for athletes. It is also one of the root causes of its widespread use in veterinary medicine;
  • Significantly increases endurance and physical strength;
  • Promotes an increase in the number of red blood cells, which facilitates the access of oxygen to the tissues;
  • Metabolic processes are improved;
  • Protein synthesis is increased.

Boldenone has a reduced toxicity to the body compared to other drugs in this group. The load on the liver is minimal. It is worth noting the not very pronounced androgenic effects. In rare cases, undesirable manifestations in the form of baldness or rash can be observed. This allows even women to take the drug without health risks, despite the fact that most anabolic steroids are categorically contraindicated for the weaker sex. Boldenone is not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, since when taken, cholesterol levels are significantly increased. It is advisable to take it in conjunction with fish oil and not eat a lot of food that contains saturated fats. All of these components of this drug provide its high popularity among bodybuilders and bodybuilders.

Rules for taking boldenone

Boldenone can be used either as an independent course or in combination with other steroids. In this case, the recommended dose per day is an injection of 400 or 800 grams. It is worth remembering that small doses give low efficacy, and excessive ones increase the risk of unwanted side effects. The course of taking boldenone lasts an average of 7 or 10 weeks. After passing it, it is strongly recommended to undergo preventive therapy in order to reduce the risks of side effects.

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