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Injectable steroids – features, benefits, drugs

Injectable steroids are an aqueous or oily solution of anabolic steroids that help to gain muscle mass as quickly as possible. They are available in ampoules and are usually given intramuscularly by injection. Since this form of release is considered to be much more effective than oral steroids, it is often used by experienced weightlifters, powerlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes who are looking to improve their athletic performance. If you want to buy injectable steroids, then it is better to do it in specialized stores or on trusted sites.

What is the peculiarity of injectable anabolic steroids?

Bodybuilders who decide to take AAS for the first time often prefer pills, but it has been proven that the effect of injectable steroids is much higher. This can be explained by the fact that such drugs have a higher androgenic and anabolic activity, due to which they have a stronger effect on muscle growth.

There are two types of anabolic steroids in ampoules: oil ether and aqueous solution. The first type is produced by the method of esterification, when the preparation processed into an organic acid ester is dissolved in an oily substance. Essential steroids have an extended half-life, due to which they remain active in the body longer. They help keep hormone levels constant and avoid hormonal outbreaks. They are taken 2-3 times a week.

An aqueous solution is a pure steroid dissolved in water that must be taken daily. It acts quickly and is also quickly eliminated. This type is often used in the last days before the competition in order not to fail the doping control.

It is strictly not recommended to mix ethers and aqueous solutions.

What steroids in injections to choose?

The line of injectable steroids is represented by more names than the range of oral drugs, since many effective AAS are simply not available in tablets.

If you decide to buy injectable steroids, we recommend that you pay attention to the following remedies:

  • testosterone esters are a pure male hormone. Its species have different half-lives. When choosing one of these anabolic steroids, pay attention to its properties, because some of them contribute to gaining dry mass, while others retain water in the body;
  • esters of trenbolone – in terms of their effectiveness, they even exceed the effect of testosterone, having the strongest anabolic and androgenic effect;
  • sustanon – the action of this steroid is aimed not only at gaining mass, but also at improving strength indicators and accelerating recovery;
  • boldenone – mainly speeds up metabolism and increases appetite, due to which muscle gain occurs. During the course, the gain can reach 6-8 kg.

Steroids in pills or injections?

When choosing steroids, base yourself on the goals you want to achieve. But it is worth noting that experienced bodybuilders still prefer anabolic steroids produced in ampoules, since they:

  • stay active longer in the body – primarily for esters;
  • prevent the appearance of hormonal surges – a constant hormonal balance makes the steroid more effective;
  • do not require daily intake – due to the long half-life;
  • less toxic – since steroids do not enter the esophagus directly, they do not have a toxic effect on the liver.

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