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Sports fat burners – effectiveness and the most popular drugs

Sports fat burners are a special group of androgenic-anabolic steroids that, when ingested, have an effect on adipose tissue. These drugs help break down fat cells and allow you to get the desired shape. They are popular with both women and men who combine their intake with a proper diet and regular exercise. This allows you to significantly enhance the effect of sports fat burners, giving the muscles a more beautiful appearance and greatly facilitating the drying process before the competition.

How do anabolics affect adipose tissue?

Anabolic steroids are almost universally used by athletes to gain muscle mass and achieve the desired result, and this is no surprise. However, not everyone knows that with the help of anabolic steroids, you can get rid of the fatty layer that makes your body less attractive.

There are several groups of AAS that can be used as fat burners. Of course, their mechanism of action on the body is significantly different. Some drugs activate enzymes that speed up metabolism, while others affect adrenergic receptors, which produce enzymes that break down fats. Ultimately, however, all fat burners contribute to the use of fat cells as an energy source from which ATP is released.

An enhanced effect is exerted by the hormones adrenaline and norepinephrine, which are synthesized under the action of steroids. They break down already accumulated fat and prevent its deposition.

If you want to get rid of subcutaneous fat in the shortest possible time, then it is not enough to buy sports fat burners. Their reception must be combined with the correct diet and exercise.

The most popular drugs to combat body fat

When planning to take fat burners, you need to take into account that not all steroids can perform such functions. The following drugs effectively affect the breakdown of fats:

  • trenbolone – activates growth hormone and has a direct effect on fat cells, releasing ATP from them;
  • clenbuterol – belongs to the group of thermogenetics, is often used on a drying cycle;
  • stanozolol – not only burns adipose tissue, but also allows you to build up dry muscles, increasing strength;
  • Oxandrolone – promotes increased secretion of growth hormone, accelerates the breakdown of fat cells and helps to gain lean mass.

Of course, the price of original sports fat burners will be significantly higher than non-certified copies, but we recommend that you do not risk your health.

Benefits of taking fat burners

Taking fat burners has a positive effect on your figure and has many benefits in addition to the main action:

  • blocking appetite – as a result of this, adipose tissue becomes a source of energy;
  • anti-catabolic effect – prevents the destruction of the recruited muscles;
  • relief and firmness of muscles – the effect due to which fat burners are used during drying;
  • increased endurance – the athlete can expend a large amount of energy without additional meals.

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